Are you wondering why your teeth are steadily showing a yellow tint? Are they in another color—different shades of brown, maybe? This is a sign of tooth discoloration, and the foods and drinks you consume are mostly to blame.

Tooth discoloration is treatable, though. You can check out dental clinics offering cosmetic dentistry near you and make a teeth whitening appointment to bring back the brightness of your teeth. Also called bleaching, this treatment is only effective and only lasts as long as you stay conscious about the food you eat and beverages you drink.  

If you recently had teeth whitening treatment or are planning to get one, you might want to avoid the following food and drinks—or, at least, consume them moderately—to enjoy the beauty of your bleached teeth longer.

Sad News for Coffee and Tea Lovers

Coffee and tea are the two most common teeth-staining beverages around. They are heaven, and most people won’t function without them. But they are infamous for causing tooth discoloration. 

Aside from staining the surface of your teeth, their dark color can even seep into your tooth enamel. If you really can’t help it, drink your coffee or tea in one sitting. Don’t just leisurely sip on them throughout the day. It also helps to drink with a straw to reduce contact with the liquid to the front of your teeth.

You Might Rethink Drinking Red Wine Every Dinner 

Do you prefer red wine over white? Then you might want to include wine on the menu only on weekends because it’s another notorious teeth-staining agent.

Its dark red or purple color is from the skin of red grapes, and it stains your teeth, lips, and tongue. The hard part is it can take some time for it to come off. For example, if you drank an especially dark wine in a lunch meeting, you will have to walk around all day with your mouth slightly stained red. That’s not ideal. 

Soft Drinks Sure Are Refreshing, but They’re Nasty on Your Teeth

Soft drinks are not kind to your teeth. Not only do they have tons of sugar, but they also have very acidic properties. As if they haven’t done enough damage, many sodas also contain colorful dyes that stain your teeth. 

Watch out for brown and brightly colored soft drinks because they are known for causing tooth discoloration. Like with coffee and tea, don’t sip on soda over a long period to reduce staining and tooth decay. 

Another thing, you might think getting a healthier substitute like carbonated water is the way to go, but these drinks can also damage your enamel. So moderation is still advised.

Look Out for Berries and Other Fruits as Well

Berries are always delightful to eat. Unfortunately, they’re not as sweet when it comes to affecting your teeth’ appearance. Blackberries, blueberries, and cherries are just some of the fruits that can stain your teeth.

You might be relieved to know that there are helpful fruits too. One example is the strawberry! Strawberries are known to help remove teeth stains.

Certain Sauces Can Stain Your Teeth Too 

Certain sauces are also teeth-staining foods, but they’re lesser known than the other items mentioned here. You might be familiar with balsamic vinegar, which is usually used in salad dressings. There’s also soy sauce, which is used in many Asian dishes. Both sauces are dark brown and can cause discoloration.


Not willing to give up these beverages and foods? At least brush your teeth after eating or drinking them. If brushing is not an option at the moment, drink water afterward or rinse your mouth with water as soon as you can. If you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist in West Hills that cares about your oral health, Valley Circle Family Dental is here for you. We specialize in beautifying smiles and helping you improve your appearance. Book your teeth whitening appointment with us today!