Maintaining good dental hygiene requires a lot more effort than just brushing your teeth. It actually involves some lifestyle changes as well, like eating healthier food and drinking lots of water. But aside from all that, people seem to forget about the value of flossing or the process of cleaning between and around your teeth. Flossing is a great way to prevent any leftover food from getting stuck between your teeth.

Nowadays, water flossers seem to be gaining popularity. It’s basically a new and more efficient way of flossing that might get you interested in including it in your dental hygiene rituals. Here are four reasons why you should definitely use a water flosser.

Flossing Will Be Much Easier

Using string to floss is great and all, but it can sometimes be hard to use. If you’re not used to it, you might end up hurting your gums, resulting in bleeding. With a water flosser, however, flossing becomes a whole lot easier since it uses water to take out all those tiny bits of food between your teeth. You no longer have to worry about an uncomfortable piece of string digging into your fingers and gums. Through water pulsation, the water flosser can remove all debris in your mouth, and you’ll feel almost like a massaging effect on your teeth and gums.

Cleaning Dental Work

If you currently have veneers, implants, bridges, or crowns, flossing might be a bit challenging. Of course, you need to be careful not to damage those components, but using a thin but really strong piece of string tends to leave scratches and nicks where you don’t want them to be. However, using a water flosser can easily clean implants and other types of dental work without damaging them. This practice helps reduce the need for expensive dental work in the long run.

Flossing with Braces

Flossing with braces is almost impossible to pull off. They can get snagged on your braces easily. The beauty of using a water flosser is you don’t have to deal with that. There’s no need to thread a tiny piece of string floss through wire after wire. There’s also little discomfort and inflammation when using it, even when you’ve removed your braces. Some water flossers even have a specialized accessory designed to clean around brackets.

Reduce the Risk of Teeth and Gum Problems

Water flossers have been tested safe and effective at removing a sticky film on the surface of your teeth called plaque. This substance is the number one culprit for most issues related to your teeth and gums. They can put you at a higher risk for cavities, gingivitis, and gum disease. But if you clean your teeth using a water flosser, all that layer is removed, effectively reducing the risk of developing those issues.


Water flossers are an innovative new approach to helping you clean your teeth thoroughly without any discomfort. This handheld device is more than capable of taking good care of your teeth through regular use. Combined with other dental hygiene best practices, you’ll never have to worry about any issues with your teeth.

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